Walking In Recovery, llc.

Professional Mentoring Services.

Walking In Recovery, llc.

Professional Mentoring Services.




You don't have to walk the path alone. Let us be your guide - leading to a life of recovery and redemption from sexual sin, alcohol/drugs, or any other number of struggles.

Mentoring You To Freedom

Guided Road To Recovery

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We have multiple options for you to begin your journey of freedom.  Open share groups, closed mentoring groups, individual one-on-one mentoring, and a Legal Package for those going through the legal system.

We have over 30 years plus of recovery behind us.  Led recovery ministires, worked beside multiple counseling groups and churches. We have developed plans for numerous struggles and life issues.

We mentor men and women from around the world through our secure and private virtual meeting rooms, by phone, or in-person.

About Your Mentors

Randy began his recovery journey over 34 years ago from alcohol and drugs.  While he was experiencing freedom from the bondage of alcohol and drugs, he had another problem that continued to destroy his life, which was a sexual addiction.  He was sexually abused as a child, struggled with a lifetime of pornography and acting out.  Eventually, hitting his bottom in the area of sexual purity around 17 years ago. He destroyed his life, family, career, and many people around him.  It was there, in that despair that he had gone as far as he could on his own and reached out for help.  Since then, he's been set on a path of restoration and healing.  Randy has led and gone through many recovery groups such as MOSOP, Every Man's Battle, SLAA, NA, AA, SAA, Celebrate Recovery, as well as becoming a Certified Sexual Integrity Mentor through Bravehearts. God has done mighty things in and through him and his wife Jan.  They led a successful recovery ministry, and worked with couples and individuals who were at their lowest of lows.  

Jan has worked with many ladies who struggle with betrayal trauma after finding out that their husbands had affairs or had serious problems with pornography. She also works with ladies with sexual issues, eating disorders, cutting/self harm, co-dependency, depression and many other issues.  She has been working online with multiple teams on the misson fields for several years now.  

As you know life can be extremely messy and no individual or family is exempt from effects of a broken world.  One thing they know and have experienced over and over, is that there is HOPE!  They have been able to have a front row seat to watch God do miraculous things in the lives of others!

Christy - Mission Field (Africa)
Over the past few years, I have been extremely blessed to have Jan walk alongside me through some difficult seasons of my life. Whether I have been walking through postpartum emotions, battles with OCD, or just difficult relationship interactions, Jan has been a dear sister in Christ who has listened well to me, provided wise counsel and Christ-like love and reminded me of Truth from God's Word that I was having a hard time hearing/remembering/or grasping for myself. Her presence in my life and the life of other's here on the Mission Field as a Mentor is a precious resource that I treasure and know is a unique gift to find.

Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC | Founder of MyCounselor.Online (Offices in Centennial Colorado : Springfield, Kansas City, Columbia, and Branson Missouri  

'As a professional counselor having reliable places to refer individuals for the support they need to succeed is crucial. Over the last 10 years, I have referred dozens of individuals to support services lead by Randy & Jan Cotham and have consistently seen great results. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services both to those looking for a reliable place to refer as well as to individuals seeking help.'

Jason - (Missouri)

Randy has been a cornerstone in my my sexual addiction recovery. Through Celebrate Recovery and Randy’s personal mentorship in my recovery success, I am free from the bondage of sexual sin. He is constant in his directing me towards my identity in Jesus Christ, and reminds me that my past is not what defines my present. He speaks truth, even when it is uncomfortable and does so in a loving manner. My marriage would have been lost with out his guidance, encouragement, accountability and honesty. I love him dearly and thank God for him and Jan daily.

Joe & Rachel (Missouri)

Randy and Jan were a great help to us in terms of availability, wisdom, and loving truth. They gave us tools to learn better communication that have had a very positive impact on our marriage! More importantly, they built a relationship with both of us, checking-in often to help us grow and keep us accountable. We feel truly blessed that the Lord placed them in our lives

Deron Smith, Pastor East Sunshine Church (Springfield, Missouri)

Randy and Jan have each experienced the pain and hardship of life when it falls apart, and the healing and joy of life when God begins putting it back together. They are walking the road to recovery and are tremendously encouraging and wise companions for the journeys of others, sometimes with gentle grace and other times with firm challenge. I have seen the Holy Spirit's transforming power at work through the Cothams in the lives of others, as they have often mentored people from a place of hopelessness to one of lasting change. I recommend them highly!

AJ Fuhrman Campus Pastor – The Crossings (Keokuk, Iowa)

Randy and Jan have a deep passion to walk with those and care for those who are going through recovery.  They are willing to do the hard work alongside those who are working on their recovery. They are knowledgable about the process and truly love people. 

Shaun Lotter MA, LPC– MyCounselor.Online (Springfield, Missouri)

Our practice first started working with Randy and Jan in 2011, regularly referring clients to them who were dealing with sexual addictions.  They were responsible for facilitating our local Celebrate Recovery group.  While the Celebrate Recovery name is well known, as a practice, it is important to us who is leading the program, as leadership makes all the difference. Randy and Jan formed an essential and effective part of recovery and restoration for the couples we serve.  They took a very active role in mentoring and guiding couples through the storm of sexual addiction into real recovery.  Couples who engaged with them recovered more quickly and more consistently than couples without this important support.  We are thrilled they are continuing their work in helping couples gain victory by setting up the Walking in Recovery resource.  Our practice will be referring clients to their ministry and we highly recommend other counseling practices dealing with sexual addictions to use Randy and Jan as a resource. 


Many individuals are blessed by giving and that is their ministry.  If you feel led to give to assist others in their recovery journey by donating funds for scholarships, please select the Donate button below.  You can set up an option of a one-time, periodically, or monthly payments.  Many individuals have a hard time paying for the help that is needed to get through this difficuilt time, please assist if you are led to give.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please send to 1008 Main St. Carthage, IL 62321 


Individual Legal System Professional Mentoring - $349 per month (monthly program) - Randy has worked with multiple individuals who have been charged with a sexual crime, alcohol/drugs, or an any other struggle that results in criminal charges.  He will not only work with the client through a recovery process, but will give encouragement and information on what to expect during the entire process.  For the law firm, he will produce a letter of honest recommendation to the judge or prosecuting attorney based on the clients work in recovery.  He can also work with the law firm to be available to attend the trial or sentencing hearing to go before the judge.  Due to Randy's experience in going through the system and the training and working with numerous individuals, he is more than qualified to assist the client and law firm in this difficult time.

Legal System Package

One - On - One Professional Mentoring - $295 per month (monthly program) - You will be working with Jan or Randy based on your gender.  We will be working an in-depth recovery program with you.  Not only will you have 4 one hour sessions a month working through your recovery program, but they work with you on a solid accountabilty plan where we will be staying in contact several times a week.  We can also set up couple sessions or just hourly upon request.  If you are not financially able to pay the monthly fee, please contact us anyway and we will see if we can work out something to assist you.

Open Share Recovery Groups

Professional Mentoring Services

Group Mentoring

Open Share Recovery Groups - $35 per month These are a great entry as you begin your journey into recovery or to continue community to maintain your recovery. They are gender-specific online groups in which you are able to share in a safe environment about your struggles or victories throughout the week.  There are several of these groups during the week at different times of the day and with your monthly fee, you may jump into any of them that have availability.  Register and we will set you up with a calendar with all the groups, dates, and times. You are guaranteed at least 4 open share groups a month for the monthly fee. **There has to be a certain number of individuals to start a group.  Please contact us and we will work with you until we get a new group started.**

Group Mentoring - Closed Recovery Groups - $75 per month These are the best groups to be in if you are not able to do the one-on-one mentoring.  You will be working a program designed for your specific struggle.  As always they are gender-specific online groups in which you will be able to go through the week's study work with the same group of individuals you started with.  These groups will meet weekly on the same day and at same time.  New groups will start regularly throughout the year and will run for approximately 9-12 months.  We have designed advanced groups to start where these leave off to go deeper and further into your recovery journey. Register and we will set you up with a calendar with all the groups, dates, and times. **There has to be a certain number of individuals to start a group.  Please contact us and we will work with you until we get a new group started.**

What is a Recovery Action Plan?  We developed this tool to assist people we worked with to get a plan going immediately when they step into recovery.  It has terms like Bottom Lines, Secondary Bottom Lines (triggers or high risk behaviors), Thought Stoppers, Thought Changers, and Plans of Action.  It will have instructions, samples of different struggles, and a blank copy for you to fill out one for yourself.  This is just one tool of many that is available when you work with us and it alone is not enough to walk in freedom from the struggles that have kept you in bondage.  Please fill out the information below to receive a copy of the Recovery Action Plan, ask us any other questions or wish for us to contact you to set up a free consultation sesssion.

Free Copy of the Recovery Action Plan